This is



Lane got to meet Prince Eric and Ariel today and she had the perfect dress for the occasion. 

Oh my gosh 💗

theoceanicsix asked: once you receive this you have to post 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers

Let me see….

1. I like how I am a goal getter. 

2. I like being creative person. Not only does it help with stress and anxiety, but it also helps me be an individual. 

3. i like my eyes and my smile

This is turning out harder than I though it would be….. Anyways, let’s go off to #4…..

4. I like how I am close to my family.

5. Lastly, I like how I am not an impulse person. Rather than doing something, I always thinking of the pros and cons. 

All moved into my new dorm room. 

All moved into my new dorm room.